31 August, 2019

Why landing page?


A landing page is also known as “static page“, “destination page“, or a “lead capture page“. It is a single web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. A landing page is a great way to drive traffic, improve your SEO and build your brand. Landing pages are focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad that your visitors clicked on to reach your page. You can design the landing page according to your business purpose. There are different types of landing pages such as-


#1. Informational Landing Page

These landing pages are the information of the online marketing world. It is for commercial use when you announce any information or service to your customer’s.


#2. Product Detail Landing Pages

It is useful for the retail industry for its product details. This is just a page on the main website that gives information related to the product for sale. They require no extra work to create a separate page.


#3. Click Through Landing Page

This type of landing page is used for e-commerce sites with sufficient details about the product and services. Therefore, businesses should make use of click through pages that lead the visitor to a registration/shopping cart page as the destination with a higher chance of or sale.


#4. Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead generation landing pages are used to collect visitor information, like name and email. It is used in Free Trial Sign-up, Product Demo, Blog Sign-up, eNewsletter, Reports, eBooks, Webinar, Events, Registration etc.


The landing page has many reasons to opt it with different positive things. Let’s discuss some advantages……

Directly Support Your Business Goals

Landing page directly supports your business goals like getting new customers, promoting a new product, etc. Landing pages benefit your business because they can be catered to the specific audience or goal you are targeting, it is in concise form and vessels for communicating your core brand messaging and adds.

Increase Credibility

The landing page is specially designed for a particular task or objective. You can optimize the content and elements. You can also increase your credibility by including testimonials on the landing page.

It Works, While You Don’t

Landing page work on the content marketing strategy. It works silently while you don’t work. When someone lands on your landing page, they’ll be familiar with your business brand and recognize your business again. So they make a purchase or use your service. It is important to make sure they remember you.

Improve SEO Rank

Search engine optimization is the process of editing a web page’s elements to make it more likely that the page shows up in search results when someone types in a relevant query. Today is the era of competition search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.rank your website in given search results based on your content authenticity.

Promote new products and services

If you are launching a new product or new service then you also design the landing page for the same and it creates a good relationship between you and your customer’s. Even if you launching new software it is good to communicate with your customer’s.


Landing pages are your lead capture workhorse. It is meant to facilitate a specific action you want a user to take in relation to your business objectives and improve relationships with customers and the success of your marketing. It allows a visitor to tell you what they are looking for and be directed to specific content based on their choices.

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