7 August, 2019

The best customer review strategy to boost conversions


A customer review is the best way for companies to establish a trustworthy relationship with their customers. Nowadays testimonials and product reviews can be one of your greatest sales tools because customers are becoming more skeptical towards brands. There are some key points which we have to remember-

  • Follow up with your customers and always put their reviews front and center.
  • Make your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts easily accessible so the customer can reach out with comments and questions.
  • Contact those who leave you glowing reviews and give your other customers a reason to review you.
  • Try to respond to negative reviews and learn from your customer and improve your business, especially if you think the reviewer is justified in their complaint or other customers have complained about the same issue.
  • Reward those who review for you and include the customer’s name and picture when you post the testimonial.

Let’s have a look at some necessary tips to present your reviews and testimonials –

Make it simple and invite everyone

Most of the people pick the best one from their customer’s reviews. So highlight your client’s testimonials on your website. Initially publish your every genuine review. You need to embed a link into an email invitation or clearly display review boxes on your website. If a customer notices that your brand has only perfect five-star ratings and glowing feedbacks, it could actually cause them to distrust you.

Utilize Social Media

The most powerful way to grow your business is social media marketing, if you are not speaking directly to your audience then social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are great marketing tools for the success of your business. So you can share your customer reviews and testimonials on it.

Make the review process as easy as possible

Review process should always be easy and interactive because customers don’t like long-winded, confusing and time-consuming process. One thing is always remember that you are asking your customers for a favor. To make the process easy use a one-page form include floating labels, show real-time verification or mistakes and include only the necessary information needed to leave a solid review.

Be interactive

We know our time is valuable and our customer’s too. It is important that we are giving our customers a reason to leave a review. The other way to use to boost your review is a blog. Time to time it is important to give them offers like discounts, coupon codes, etc. Responding to negative feedback is also important because it creates an opportunity for us. It shows that you involve a sincere apology. Give them the assurance to make things right.

Respond to reviews quickly

Responding is important whether it is positive or negative. Show to your customers that you care and you are willing to do all to rectify the problem. It will build your customer’s trust. Even if someone else comes across to your review, it will be noted that you had tried to resolve the problem the earliest.

There are a few steps on how to respond to both positive and negative reviews that will lead customers back again.

  • When responding to positive then – Thank them, invite them back for more.
  • When responding to negative then- Apologize, invite them back again, if applicable, try explaining the situation.
Share positive customer reviews you’ve already received.

Sharing is like positive publicity. When you start receiving positive reviews from your customers, highlighting and sharing them so other customers are inspired to do the same. Also share your positive reviews on social media platforms. Make sure that your reviews posted periodically so our company’s page highlights the cream of the crop.

Last but not the least…

Testimonial Page

Testimonial page is very important for a website, once you have a collection of happy customers, you need to share your reviews on your website. Testimonial page is an easy way to show all your reviews on a single page. You can also create testimonial videos.

A customer review is a powerful tool for every business. This will directly and positively affect your business. Reviews can make or break a brand so encourage your satisfied customers to share their positive experience online, especially on social media.

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