17 December, 2021

6 SEO strategies that you should know


Digital marketing is the new way to market your business online. It covers essential elements to build an online presence, including search engine optimization (SEO). Online presence is essential for every kind of business today. There are even seo solicitors and SEO insurance to enhance their online businesses.

Search engine optimization makes it easier for website visitors to find their desired products or services on your site.

One of the best ways to optimize your website’s SEO is by using white hat SEO strategies that are effective and safe instead of outdated black hat techniques that may jeopardize your site’s rankings in SERPs.

1. Create Detailed, Unique, and Informative Content

When you create keyword-rich content that contains 2-5% keyword density or includes at least 200 words of targeted keywords and phrases, your content will be considered spam. It is quite interesting! According to Google: “Content with a low word count often fails to provide the user with much useful information.”

The use of ads on your webpage may also result in a penalty from google. Those who consider such kind of monetizing as impertinent SEO practices might be penalized for piracy by Panda, among other things. As such, it is advisable not to use Adsense ads alongside your articles if you wish not to attract penalties from search engines like Google and Bing since those engines view such as spammy practices.

Your site’s online visibility depends on various factors, including link popularity too so it should be noted that if you have links coming from authority sites, Google will consider them all the same because of their trustworthiness even though you might be selling products or services that are not related at all with what authority sites are offering, say, for example, you’re selling wedding dresses while authority sites are offering hardware. To further improve your site ranking, you should include links coming from related websites that can be trusted by Google too.

2. Use of Appropriate Anchor Text in Backlinks

There is a need to know the difference between unlinked brand names and phrases and the ones with appropriate anchor text because this affects how search engines view your backlinks when determining if they are spammy or not. According to Google: “Using brand name + keyword, without any other contextual links, is often seen as an attempt to stuff keywords and will be penalized.” It means that you should use link-building strategies that ensure high-quality backlinks devoid of black hat SEO tactics. It would be best to build links from unique, trustworthy, and relevant websites where your customers can be found.

3. Transparency about Link Building Strategies

Inappropriate backlinks that do not come from sites relevant to your niche will affect your ranking in SERPs negatively. It is because Google finds these as manipulative link-building practices which are against their webmaster guidelines. Even if you have a hundred or more outbound links with different keywords, you should make sure they all direct the user to pages within your site only for them not to appear as spammy links. There is also a need to avoid using link directories, especially those designed for SEO purposes. Most of the links created there are considered spammy by Google due to how those specific kinds of directory submissions are done.

4. Establish Trust through Outgoing and Incoming Links

There is a need to understand that your site’s link juice will be passed on to another website when you receive links from sites relevant to yours. It means that if you do not want your site to lose its authority in SERPs, it’s essential for you to establish trust by linking back with other websites to pass on some of the link juice you have accumulated over time. On the other hand, incoming links can help improve your ranking provided they come from pages within high-quality sites with high page rank. When appropriately implemented, this strategy has helped many small businesses increase their search engine rankings quickly. It has also been used by big businesses to improve their search engine rankings as well.

5. Use of Appropriate Titles for Search Results Contents

Being unique is one way to ensure that your site’s pages appear in search results when users type relevant keywords. By using unique titles, you’ll be able to stand out from the rest of the sites within your niche, which will give your business an edge over them. Make sure that whatever title you choose must be relevant too so as not to confuse potential customers who might land on your page while searching for products or services other than yours. You can also include some of your keywords there. Please don’t overdo it because this could lead Google bots to consider your titles as spammy content, negatively affecting how they view other pages within your site. Keep in mind that Google bots crawl and index sites on their own and analyze the content of every page too.

6. Optimization of Site Internal Linking Structure

Search engines like Google look at how users interact with your site to be able to determine if you deserve a higher ranking or not. It means that it’s essential for you to optimize the site’s internal linking structure by using related keywords that can help your user navigate your site quickly while ensuring they don’t get lost there. According to this infographic from an SEO consultant, “You’ll also want to add breadcrumbs, so people know where they are on your website and eliminate any dead ends on pages.” You should put an appropriate link between different pages within your site to help Google determine what content should appear first in SERPs.

Wrapping Up!

It’s important to note that black at SEO tactics are those techniques that may be used to manipulate search engine ranking positions or increase backlinks for a specific page illegally, which could cause the user’s website as well as other pages within your site to get banned from results pages. These can include keyword stuffing, deceptive links, and any other tactic viewed by search engines as manipulating their results pages. On the other hand, white hat SEO involves techniques and strategies that follow guidelines on major search engines like Google and Bing and do not violate any webmaster policies. It means that you won’t have to deal with issues such as site bans and penalties.

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